I am a born and bred Frisian. That's why I love water sports. It also manifests itself in my perseverance. And I am crazy about my profession. My aim, as personal injury lawyer, is to help the underdog. When doing this, I am absolutely in my element.

After obtaining my law degree in Leiden, I came to work in Rotterdam for a large law firm. This was in 1989. By coincidence, I was assigned a personal injury case, which immediately captured my fantasy. Along the years, I was assigned more and more such cases. As a consequence, I developed a practice that no longer fit the profile of the firm I was working for. As of January 1998, I have been running my own practice. I am very proud of how this firm has developed and its excellent reputation.

Aside from my work as a lawyer, I am often invited to speak at congresses and to contribute to publications. I teach at a variety of educational institutions, including Grotius Academy in Nijmegen. I regularly lecture on a variety of topics related to personal injury.

In 2004, I became a licensed NMI Mediator. This has provided the practice with an added dimension. This diversity and versatility in activities gives me a lot of working pleasure. In fact, diversity is inherent to any kind of personal injury practice.

Being able to resolve seemingly deadlocked cases has my particular interest. One of my specialties is making an inventory of the damages components. Other areas of interest are: mediation, international injury cases, self-employed persons cases, damages in case of death, disability for work situations and so-called medical mishaps.

Due to the globalisation in general and the unification of Europe in particular, I have found that it is worthwhile to be a member of the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL). I am proud to say that I am the PEOPIL General Board Member for the Netherlands.

Do I have hours left in a day? Of course! Not only for my family, but also for a good glass of wine. And I do judo. I have got the black belt and I am a referee at judo tournaments.

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Maarten Tromp, LLM
Peopil - Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury LawyersLSA - Vereniging van Letselschade AdvocatenWerkgroep Artsen AdvocatenASP - De vereniging van Advocaten voor Slachtoffers van PersonenschadeLSA Kieswijzer

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