Maarten Tromp Advocaten specialises in personal injury. We primarily defend victims and are known for our personal approach. We aim for perfection. Not only professionally, but also when communicating with the persons and organisations involved.

Personal counselling

Victims often feel that they are being sent from pillar to post. Our aim is to offer reliable support in word and in deed, and to tailor this to the individual’s needs. And you do not have to worry about the costs; as they constitute part of the damage, they are, in principle, compensated by the liable insurer.

Long process

The settlement can take a long time. First, the other party must be notified of the fact that he is being held liable. Once this liability has been recognised, the actual damages must be determined. And this can depend on the period of recovery or healing. Before the whole case can be closed, all parties must wait for the final medical stage. This is the moment at which it becomes clear whether the victim has recovered, or whether his situation is not likely to improve, or even likely to deteriorate.

Consultation with the insurer

We are convinced that the victim will benefit most if the settlement process is run through as much as possible in cooperation with the liable insurer. However, where necessary, we advise our clients to go to court.

We keep our client posted

During the course of the settlement process we keep our clients posted on the development of the case. Also when there appears to be little progress. We explain in “whose court the ball is”. And you can always call us if you have any questions.

Advance payments

Together with our clients, we make a calculation of the nature and the extent of the damages. We also try to arrange advance payments of the claim, so that our clients do not run into unnecessary financial distress.

Medical advisor

We regularly consult our medical advisor on the medical aspects of the injury. At our request, he can apply for any necessary medical information from the doctors/therapists. To this purpose, a medical authorisation must be obtained. Subsequently, he can tell us exactly what the problem is, how long the recovery process will take, which physical impairments will remain and whether, in the long run, the problems may exacerbate. If necessary, our medical advisor can consult directly with the medical advisor of the liable insurer.

The settlement

Only once all relevant aspects for the calculation of the damages have been determined, can we begin to estimate the actual damages. At this point, the final settlement can be arranged.

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