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Liability: Sports and recreational accidents

You could get hurt while practicing a sport or a recreational activity. Sometimes this is the fault of another person. Possibly, you can hold this person liable.

Sports and recreational activities do not often lead to situations of liability. The reason for this is that the participants can be expected to be aware of the fact that there is a certain degree of risk involved in what they are doing. However, if the injury is a consequence of extreme reckless behaviour that need not have been anticipated, then they have a right to compensation. Also if the game or competition has ended or temporarily been suspended.


  • During a game of midget golf, one of the players swings his club backwards, hitting the left eye of one of the other players, who was waiting for his turn. In this situation, the players can expect dangerous, badly executed and ill-timed moves. The player is not liable.
  • A football player is tackled from behind long after he lost the ball. He shouldn’t be expected to anticipate this, also not according to the rules of the game. The player has a right to compensation.
  • During judo training, the instructor commands the participants to stop. Nonetheless, one of the participants throws his opponent, causing whiplash. The victim can expect compensation, as there was no reason to anticipate a throw after the signal of the instructor.

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